Feet Banks

Feet Banks

Writer & Filmmaker

Feet Banks is a writer, magazine and book editor, public speaker, filmmaker and superhero dad from the BC Coast Mountains who started living in Whistler at age 12.

He is a founding editor with Mountain Life Magazine, a 21-year veteran emcee, creator of PieQuarterly.com, and was a weekly movie columnist in Whistler’s Pique Newsmagazine for over 18 years.

Feet’s Sea-to-Sky story involves a life of adventure and appreciating large open spaces, and a love for vinyl records, books, naps, people who try new things, pumpkin pie, and sitting around a campfire with his son. An alumni of the well-known Sushi Village, Feet also has experience as a hay farmer, hole digger, word wielder, and self-described “maker of films, mostly B-Grade.”

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